also you will want to block therabyte, theyre the one harassing me and generally being a fucking tool

maybe message me if you want my new url if i end up making one this has honestly got to me so much, its even worse than that time i make a post calling out that gross slideshow thing like. at least those people were just other teenagers calling me immature or something this is just fucking frightening honestly like i have hundreds of adult cis people, some of which are gonna be fairly fucking dodgy considering what furaffinity is, many of which will now have my blog

ok absolutely cannot believe this has gone this far but people from fa found my blog (p dumb of me to have links to it in the first place tbh) and i just want to stay as far away from it as possible, the main person involved just reblogged one of my posts with some shit threatening message like ‘Found you.’ and followed me and its just really fucking gross. i blocked them but obviously they can still see all my posts and stuff so

taking a break idk i just really really really dont want to deal with this im so scared right now just back the fuck off

that was so not nice that was really really awful im really scraping the bottom of the bucket on drive to do anything ever rn, thanks for supporting me i appreciate it

turned off anon, weirdly silent in here! :-)


putting these here for safekeeping

ur hot

thanks bud

Furaffinity user Thera gets real

Furaffinity user Thera gets real

i make a journal, upset and venting. its pretty easy to tell im not actually harassing anyone, and i talk about wanting to kill myself.

swathes of people, angry at my vague comment toward a general group of people who are oppressing me as a trans person, verbally attack me in all manner of ways.

im incredibly upset, and i react with a mix of trying to educate and trying to retain sanity/joking comments.

people identify that i am ‘freaking out’ yet continue to harass me.

i delete the journals, and upload some of the worse comments in a submission, with no negative comment from me toward any of the users responsible. just comments.

people get upset on the submission, asking me to remove my comments, and report me for harassment ‘and trolling’.

welcome to :-)